Visas and Invitation Letters

All attendees must ensure that they have obtained any visa that may be required to visit the Ireland before travelling. Information on visa requirements can be found at Further information is available from your local Irish Embassy or Consulate.

There are currently no immigration controls within the Common Travel Area (UK and Ireland) so those travelling to the Republic of Ireland before travelling onwards to Northern Ireland and the UK should check any additional requirements for those destinations before travelling.

Ireland is part of the EU, so EU/CH citizens do not need a visa. However, Ireland is not part of the Schengen area, so if you are from outside EU/CH and have a Schengen visa, you may still need to apply for an Irish visa. Please check the INIS website above if you are uncertain. Also, please note that even if you are studying in the UK or Europe you may still require a visa. Please ensure that you check the INIS website above to confirm your situation.

If you do need a visa, the page at will guide you through a series of steps based on your country of origin. When asked "What do you want to do in Ireland?", choose "Conference or event" and follow the instructions. At the end of the procedure you should get a visa transaction number, which you should note carefully.

Please email if you require a letter for your visa application to attend the conference. When requesting an invitation letter, you must ensure that you have already registered for the conference and you must quote your paper number, and include a copy of the visa transaction number in the email. Invitation letter requests should be sent to with the subject line "Invitation Letter Request", clearly indicating all the necessary information.

You should allow 8 weeks to have your visa application processed.